Thursday, October 14, 2010

First blog posting :D

So this is my first ever blog post. Well my name is Karson, I am eighteen, and a current Florida resident. So I have been thinking a lot lately about my life in general. I have realized I need some adjustments to my lifestyle and I am willing to do what I have to to be where I want to be. This small hell hole I live in is not it. I want to move out of this damned county, ASAP!

Problem is I have no job :( It really sucks. I am trying to get a job and have applied to tens, of hundreds of jobs, and no luck. I wish I had a job so bad it is absolutely ridiculous.

On top of that I think I am fat, and no one else thinks I am as bad as what I think I am. I am not happy with the girl I see in the mirror. I have started a diet a couple of weeks ago and it has been doing me some good. I have lost about seven pounds in a three week period. No soda, no sweets, no fried food, only water, and portioned sized food. I work out all the time and recently started puking up everything I eat. (So I guess I can consider myself Bulemic to an extent.) I want to lose weight so bad, and I am going to do it no matter the lengths I go through.

I smoke pot and I take Triple C's. (fyi→Cough and Cold medicine) It is basically a daily thing. It makes me feel better. I just tend to steal the weed I get from my Uncle who smokes with me every night, then I have my own. Or I get it from my parents and make sure they don't know. I have to lie to my grandparents, (I live with my grandparents) so I can use the car and go over to the house when they aren't home and take a couple roaches, or some out of the bag if it's there. Normally it isin't though because they caught on to it. :/ But oh well, I still smoke.

I am ready to start something new in my life. I want to lose a lot of weight, get a job, get a better car*, get a dog, and move to Kissimmee. I am about to do some research on the area, and apartments, and stuff like that.  So I am going to go for a while, but I am sure I will have another post befor long. :D

*I have a 1988 Crown Victoria Station Wagon, and I hate it. It gets me where I have to go though. (When it is running and not sitting in my parent's front yard, waiting on him to fix it.)

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