Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good morning.

So I hate that no one has any weed around. Mark didn't get any. He should tonight, and him and aunt Jean are going to go see Eddie Money tonight, so maybe I will luck out and get some. I went and played bingo in Panama City last night, and didn't win. I never win though. I have one once, but maybe I will win again one of these times. I could use the money, and I just don't win. So it must not be meant to be. Because I went last night, I didn't play mommy. I will tonight though.

I am going to try and get the car sometime this week and go to town. I got a ring from my mom and dad's and I am going to stop by the pawn shop and see what I can get from it. Maybe I will get at least a twenty. Pawn shops don't give a whole lot though.

I have like no plans today. I am going to shave my legs and take a shower after I workout though. That is as far as my plans have made it to today. I am still kind of tired. I am thinking about laying down for a little bit. Pipsqueak is still in bed so I can try. I will update later. Deuces ♥

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