Monday, October 18, 2010

So about today...

I am supposed to carve a pumpkin with Krista but I don't know if that is still going to happen. I got to use the car and go over there, and guess what? She wasn't there. So I went to my mom and dad's and that's when things took a turn for the better.

I got there and they didn't leave shit out at all. I looked every where, but nothing. Then I got a thought, "Let's look in the liquor cabinet." I opened it, and low-and-behold...a practically full bottle of Tequila. I filled my flask, and a good bit of one of my water bottles :) Then I got this other brilliant idea.

"The car keys." They were there! I went to the car and unlocked it and guess what?? I found the roaches, and two dollars. So I got to get high and trip. I went to the dollar store got me a box, headed to mom and dad's and smoked the rest of the roaches I had. It kicked in and now I am feeling great. I got to drive around a little bit, then came home.

When I got here grandma was making chicken and noodles, and I don't really care for them. So I asked if I could make chicken and rice for myself. I mean the woman had a heap, and I mean a HEAP of chicken there, so I figured no big deal. She was like furious at me though because I didn't want the chicken and noodles though. It was crazy. So I went to aunt Jeans and got some rice. I came back and made my own creation of chicken and rice. (Hear's the recipe...)

3/4 Cup rice
Sea Salt
Peppercorn Medley
Onion Pieces
2 Cups Water

Let rice boil then add butter. Then add the seasonings. Afterwards add the chicken and let boil till thickens, and is no longer soup like. Stir frequently so it doesn't stick to the bottom of your pan.
Eat when thickened.

So yeah. That is my chicken and rice.

Krista is coming over here at 5:30 and we are going to carve the pumpkin. So finally, it will be done. I am about to go eat then I will update later after all of this.

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