Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well then.

I really don't have a lot to write, but I do have some things to get out. Where to start, where to start??

I saw Alberto and he wanted me and him to have sex, but I didn't go for that. He is actually staying two roads over. He is absolutely gorgeous, but not my thing anymore. He ruined that for himself, so I wouldn't do that. I was walking Whisper and we started talking, he invited me in and tried to pull the "I am leaving today so we should. You gave me the best head I have ever gotten." So not falling for it. I do feel a little bad because I told him I would be back after I took the dog home, then never came back. Oh well though, I don't need him or his drama.

I really did nothing other than that, take a nap, and watch Aladdin. I am making my way through my Princess Marathon. It is Mark's birthday today. Aunt Jean is taking him to eat Chinese and then I will head over to their house so I can smoke before 16 and Pregnant. The new season starts at 10, and I can't wait. It is about time to eat, and that is all that has gone on so far today. Update later, deuces ♥

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