Friday, October 22, 2010

Party Wagon.

So I am going to refer to my car (the station wagon) as the Party Wagon now. I have been meaning to do this for a while now and am just getting around to it. This is a list of the things I HATE and have learned to LOVE about it...

Me HATING on the Party Wagon :

  1. It is a 1988 Crown Victoria STATION WAGON!!
  2. It is older than me, so I mean really.
  3. It has a funky smell from where it was leaking.
  4. The radio cuts in and out.
  5. It used to be a man's work "truck", so it has seen better days.
  6. It has spots where the paint has faded, even though majority is white, still.
  7. The mirrors are way to small.
  8. It is huge!!
  9. Doors do NOT lock.
  10. Crank windows :(
  11. The trunk handle on the inside looks like it is being held together by gum.
  12. It is an old fashioned hearse for heaven's sake!!
Me showing the Party Wagon some LOVE :

  1. It is practically ALL steel, so if I get in a wreck I am pretty damn safe :]
  2. It has a V8 so that means I got speed bitches!!
  3. I can get air freshener to help with the smell.
  4. There are several different compartments that lock. 
  5. I can put a bed in there ;)
  6. I have a radio that I am getting put in for free.
  7. There is a new dashboard.
  8. It has a new AC.
  9. My dad is having the starter and alternator rebuilt.
  10. I have everything it needs to be tuned up.
  11. I have plenty of space for my shit.
  12. I can get cheaper insurance because of it's age :)
  13. It runs good.
  14. Can get me where I need to go.

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