Saturday, October 16, 2010

That worked out perfectly :)

Okay so my night has worked out perfectly tonight. :) I am so happy. I am tripping and high. It is pretty great. I got to use the car and drove around for a little while. My cat was a damn bitch though. I forgot to mention that I got a good bit of weed from next door, so I have smokage to last. Now back to my heathen child of a cat. She decided to go outside and just run around, and eveytime I got near her she would take off. It was so hard to catch that damned cat, but I finally did it. How you ask? By grabbing the "Life Saver" ring with a rope on it.I dangled it until Finally I caught her.

Now we are chillin out in my room. She is sleeping and I am listening to music. I made Jell-O earlier :) I made lime and peach. I also made a combination of the two. It turned out really good and I am proud of myself.

It is 7:15 and I am up for the day. I tend to be an early bird anymore but it doesn't bother me. I never sleep the whole night through anymore. I wake up at least twice a night. I might be going to Krista's today and carving a pumpkin and taking pictures. I hope so. Self isolation is getting kind of lonely, so being with someone my own age and not family should be nice. I need yo go though so I can chop up all the weed I got and then check Facebook and get coffee. Update later :)

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