Friday, October 22, 2010

I feel amazing :]

I really do right now! I got a bowl from Mark's and feel great. Then I get to play like mommy tonight :] Ebin is going to be here at five, and he is here untill six in the morning. Then again tomorrow, I am excited. I also have realized that I truely adore my cat. She is the best.

Hopefully Mark has some smokage though. I want to get fucking stoned man, like really bad. So I hope he does. I can't believe what I did this morning though. My parents had all their shit so I improvised after scraping my pipe. I chugged a WHOLE FUCKING bottle of cold medicine. Can you say "EWW!!" I kept it down for like an hour because I wanted to give it time in my system, but then I had to throw it up, well part of it. I got a trip though, and I passed out. I slept like two hours. I still have a little trip going on though.

I have this amazing confidence about myself right now. Ever since I decided I am going to treat myself like the princess I am, I have had this boost of confidence. I am on my level, and doing me. I am finding who I am. I am going to let the new me shine through, and kick the old me out. It will be a slow transition, but none the less will it get done. I feel good about this decision.

Also, I looked up my Cosmetology Licenseure requirements for Florida and Colorado, and talked to Lively. I forgot when I talked to them to ask about the hours. Colorado requires 1450 hours, where as Florida's is only 1200. So I want to know if I can get those hours while I am in school somehow. I also can't do anything until November eighth. So I have time to wait and kill.

I am happy about that decision too. Classes start January Sixth, and I really hope I can get in. I have always loved hair and make-up and being a fabulous looking diva. I always fall back to that thought. So I am going to go through with it. Then I can move and start my life. I will be 20 when I get done, and I think that is good. I can start a new slate in a new state, and really get my life the way I want it.

I am starting to notice my weight loss slowly but surely which has added to this new found confidence. If only I had a job. That would make it better. I am going to get the Oland's stuff done too. I want a job, and I will do what I need to do to get me to where I want to be and I don't care what other's think. Mary told grandma a bunch of shit and grandma doesn't want me working there, but I am doing me now. I come first. I am my number one priority. That may seem self centered, but you know what that is how I am going to have to be.

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