Monday, October 18, 2010

Today I am going to carve a pumpkin.

I didn't get to Sunday, but today I am with Krista. This is the first time in over a month that I have done anything with anyone who isn't family. I am excited. I have the pumpkin, and the pumpkin carving tools. She has her camera, and we may be having a pumpkin seed war, and baked pumpkin seeds. Today should be a good day.

I am going to try and get more triple C's and I am going to my mom and dad's to get as much weed as possible, and maybe even some liquor. That will make today even more spectacular. While I am there I may just find me something to "eat" before I head to Krista's at two. I had to scrape my pipe this morning and got a decent buzz off of it, but is long gone now. So hopefully I can bring it back to where I was yesterday.

I only have one cigarette left and it very well may be my last one. I really meant it when I said I was thinking about quitting. I will save money, and I really don't need too. I am fine with only smoking weed. Who knows it may be the next to go? (Doubt that, but maybe.) I am also going to try and quit biting my nails. Instead of the nails I will bite the skin around them. Which that won't make my nails look that good either, but it is a start. First quit the nails, second quit biting the skin. That sounds like a plan to me.

I do need to go though. I need to change, do my hair, and my make-up. That way I will be ready in 40 minutes. It takes me a good while to get ready. I don't want to have to rush doing anything. So I will write another passage later most likely.

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