Thursday, October 21, 2010

It is the moments like this...

That remind me why I love my cat so much ♥ She got on my desk while I was on FaceBook and she was laying there. Every time I would look away though she would try to take the silly band I had sitting there. I would say "No!" and gently pat her head. She would stop until I looked again. This continued for about five minutes. Then she turned to my hand that I had on the mouse. It became so distracting that I decided to take that one out, and see what she wanted with it. I gave it to her and she slapped it.

She wanted to play, so I did. I decided to give her a kiss and she gently slapped my face. I would steal one and she would look at me and the game would continue. She gets her paws in my hair randomly and she goes ninja trying to slap fast to get them out. I went to give her another kiss, and she put her paw on my cheek and kept it there. I went to kiss her nose and she reached up and kissed me :) "Awwwww!!!" How sweet is that?? Then she did it again.

After that though it was back to slaps. Then I got an idea. "I could get some cute pictures, print them out, and fill my frames." So I went to get the camera, and I am charging the battery now. I am about to go put my clothes in the dryer, do my hair and make-up, and take some pictures. I will update afterwards :)

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