Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My computer is being stupid. It keeps kicking me off the Internet. I think I may need to take it to be looked at. Hopefully I get this job tonight and I will be able to get it fixed, or maybe get the laptop I have been wanting :) That would be wonderful. I am so excited and nervous about my interview tonight. I really want and need this job.

Other than that I am about to work out, fold clothes, shower, and chill out until tonight when I have my interview. People are coming to work on the house today at one too. They are putting in new windows and what not hopefully. Maybe then this house will cool down. It has been miserably hot in here. We don't have a lot of money, so we don't run the air much. Then it is just gross feeling outside. It is muggy and humid. Ew.

I am about to go. I will make sure there is an update after I get home from my interview, even if I must go take over another computer :) Deuces ♥

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