Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Take a journey into my mind.

So today has been a great day. I honestly feel like I am getting smaller. WOO! That is amazing!! Then on top of that I am high. :) Today started off rocky but has pulled a good ending so far.

So this morning I decided that I was going to find a reason to use the car, go to my mom and dad's and get some weed. So I went to take Whisper walking to figure out my reason and get some of a workout. So I thought, "Okay we can use Olans. That will work." So that's what I did, but when I went in there Aunt Jean was up and told me to call and it was in Crawfordville at Workforce. So I called and she was right. So I told grandma and got the car. I went straight to my mom and dad's and they were home. "FUCK!!"

I had to fly by and turn around and fly back by. Then I went to Winn-Dixie and stole a bottle of Ziacam. I took it into the bathroom, drank it, and walked out. Then I called my mom's office, then the house. (That way it didn't look suspicious.) Talked to my mom and what not then came home. That is when the fun began :)

I went to aunt Jean's, and we sat and talked a bit. She got up to pee and I got five cigarettes. Then I was playing with Whisper and she was going to walk over to grandma's. I sat there and played with Whisper as she left. Then I made my move. I went to look in the can and WOO BUDDY! I hit it. I took a good bit and walked out the door.

I went in the house, came into the bathroom and broke all the weed up. It was a lot. I put it in the bag and went outside so smoke. I got out there and got to get high:) It made my trip kick in and it was great :):):)  I ended up going with aunt Jean and Mary to Mary's house. I put a lamp together and put the legs on her heater, and helped staple plastic around the windows. So I did a good bit of work.

Then we came home, and I smoked some more and here I am. So that is pretty much all I wanted to write right now I think. Oh, I am about to do my hair and make-up and take some pictures outside. So more later :) ♥

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